• Advertising: all those involved in the commissioning, development and making of any and all aspects of commercial communications, irrespective of mediums used, and audiences targeted
  • Lobbying: as above, but happen to be working to influence our political masters and their adjacents via the medium of, well, media
  • Marketing: as above, but happen to be working for the entities that are called ‘clients’
  • Public relations: as above, but have journalists, journalist-manques and other ne’er’dowells as their audience
  • Influencers: as above, but their qualifications for communications are based upon popularity gained elsewhere through other activities (sport, cleaning, cooking, dancing, being good looking, having sex in public on television etc).




Hunger, Fire, Harrumph.

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Rishi Dastidar

Rishi Dastidar

Hunger, Fire, Harrumph.

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